One of the key principles we hold is to be as transparent as possible. This is an important quality to have as a user group, so that everyone can feel able to contribute in a meaningful way and see the results.

Occasionally we’ll be sending out surveys to gather views and opinions. Once we’ve collated the responses, the results will be published here for all to see.


Softimage Development Survey (Part 1)

This survey was designed to gather opinion across the community about where future Softimage development should be focussed. In conjunction with Autodesk, this will help us put together a final survey where we can ask you specific questions about each area of development.

Click here to view the results.

Launch Event: May 2012

After the event in May, this survey was sent round to all who registered. We wanted to find out what people’s expectations were, how the event was received, and how we should move forward in the future.

Click here to view the results.