Launch Event: May 2012

The first meeting of the Softimage Creatives in London was more successful than we could have hoped for. Over 190 people registered and 152 of those turned up on the night which led to a queue at the door and a buzzing atmosphere inside that lasted til the very end of the night.

SiC organiser Ellen Payne (right) welcoming the guests with her colleague Olivia Grout from Escape Studios

Andy Nicholas  welcomed everyone to the the inaugural meeting of the Softimage Creatives London chapter, and opened the night with an inspiring talk about the future of Softimage, challenging  users to help spread the word and show people what Softimage is capable of!

Paul Smith with an enraptured audience

Meanwhile behind the scenes Ellen Payne and Adrian Wyer did an immense amount of work managing the registration, installing machines, and getting everything up and running smoothly on the night, as well as an awful lot of work preparing for the event beforehand.

After the initial introduction, Andy introduced the Softimage Creatives XSI showreel that comprised of a wealth of material supplied by studios, individuals, and students, all edited together into a 5 minute reel. Studio contributions were made by Passion Pictures, Studio AKA, The Mill, Kettle, Fluid Pictures, A Large Evil Corporation. Farnham Animation, and NCCA Bournemouth supplied the student reels, and individual contributions were made by Olivier Jeannel, Lee Daley, and Julien Schleiffer. Thank you all for allowing us to use your great work.

The evening was split into two halves in order to incorporate the extensive lineup of presenters that very kindly volunteered their time and expertise. The first group of speakers included Jules Stevenson from Kettle Studios, talking about writing shaders for Arnold, Paul Smith (of Greg Mutt fame) from Busty Kelp talking about some of his ICE techniques for retopologising faces, and Amaan Akram who gave a detailed talk on his aaOcean toolkit.

Jules Stevenson giving out an introduction to shader writing in Arnold

The second group of speakers consisted of Tom Bussell showing an in-depth breakdown of the Mill’s amazing spot Audi  ‘Hummingbird’, Rob Chapman from Studio AKA showing cloud rendering techniques, Anthony Martin showing fluid smoke setup using Eric Mootz’s emFluid, and Ciaran Maloney showing shattering and simulation with Momentum 3 from Exocortex.

Rob Chapman putting ICE through it's paces


Chaos Group set up their impressive stall for the night showing VRay for Softimage. Teodora Ilieva (Territory Channel Manager, Chaos Group) and Konstantin Gaytandzhiev (Master V-Ray Licensed Trainer, Chaos Group) demonstrated VRay and fielded questions from the large crowd around them.

SiC organisers Matt Morris and Rob Chapman, enjoying a beer with John Hunt (UCA Farnham)

A massive thank you to all of the evening’s presenters who dealt with the difficult presentation conditions in a professional and impressive manner. We hope you get your voices back soon. Thanks also to those who have re-recorded and uploaded their presentations to vimeo (see below) to share their work with the softimage community at large, very generous of you. There were a number of questions that arose around the presentation format for the night and we hope to address these the next time around. The networking atmosphere on the other hand was second to none, and we hope that people who came along enjoyed and got something useful from the more social format.

SiC organiser Ciaran Moloney with Nicola Brown (freelancer) and Sam Howell (Jellyfish)

A special mention should be made to all those who came from a bit further away, from Ireland to Romania, and to the Teeside students who were going to get an overnight coach back after the event. Hope you all got home in one piece!

Tom Bussell (The Mill) with SiC organisers Andy Nicholas and Adrian Wyer

Last but not least SiC London would like to make a point of offering our thanks to our sponsors for the evening.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without various forms of help coming from Autodesk, Escape Studios, Hewlett-Packard, Eizo, and XTFX.  A sincere thanks to all of them for making this a night to remember!

Nic Groot Bluemink nicely summing it all up. We couldn't have put it better ourselves. Thanks Nic!



If you registered for the event, then you should shortly receive a request to fill out an online survey. It should only take 5-10 minutes. Even if you didn’t register, you can still fill out the survey by clicking here. Thank you for taking the time to help us!

If you’d like to contact us directly, then please feel free to use the contact form.



The full set of photographs from the event can be seen on Facebook. These were just taken from our camera, so if you have any others that you’d like to add to the collection, we’d love to see them!



The following videos were made by some of the presenters of the evening who kindly recorded these after the event. Click on the “Vimeo” logo to view it at a better size, or use the full screen mode icon.


Paul Smith: Reshaping Topology To A New Target

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Anthony Martin: the new emFluid and the BA Fluid shader


Rob Chapman: Making Clouds in ICE

This video is split into three parts.