Who We Are

The Softimage Creatives user group was formed by people who are in the business of creating graphics with Softimage. We’re all based in and around London, and work at some of the leading Visual Effects companies.

At the moment, we’re just a single chapter located in London, but we encourage other Softimage users to set up their own in other major cities. This website is expandable, hosting is paid for, so it will require very little work on your part to get things going. You just need a venue!

We’re particularly eager to hear from people located in New York and Los Angeles, and we have Twitter accounts already set up. If you are interested in setting up your own Softimage Creatives chapter, please get in touch.

You can find more information about each of us below, but we are more than just 7 people, we are you too. By you doing the work you do, working the long hours, and driving Softimage to its limits, we know that this user group will have some of the most dedicated and motivated members in the CG community. We want your input to drive this forward, so step up and tell us what we can do to push things forward.

You can find us on both Twitter and Facebook.


The Softimage Creatives team, in alphabetical order…

Rob Chapman

Robert Chapman is a VFX Artist and ICE Technical Director, freelancing at Studio AKA. Originally from a multimedia authoring background he is entirely autodidactic in 3D and has been working in Softimage on Commercials & short films with various studios in Soho for over 15 years.

As a keen Brazilian Ju Jitsu practitioner and winning the English Championship in 2011 for his weight and belt, Robert will be providing security and submission grappling to the Softimage Creative event

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Ciaran Moloney

Ciaran Moloney has been working as a 3D artist since 2009, after studying digital imaging at NYU. Since then he has been freelancing as an FX TD, wherever there is an ICE tree to be found – New York, Stockholm and currently based in London.

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Matt Morris

Matt Morris is a Director of Matinai Animation in Bristol and a freelancer across the UK. He helped to found the XSI London User Group in 2003 which ran for several years, and has been a visiting lecturer on the MA Computer Animation course at Bournemouth University where he began his own career with Softimage.

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Andy Nicholas

Andy Nicholas is a Senior TD and Lead VFX artist at The Mill in London. He spent 8 years working as an artist and programmer in the Computer Games industry, before doing a diploma in VFX and SFX at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield, after which he joined The Mill in 2007.

Andy runs this website and manages the social media aspects of Softimage Creatives

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Ellen Payne

Ellen Payne was a Post-Production Co-ordinator before joining Escape Studios, where she is now the Technology Marketing Coordinator for the technology reselling side of the company. In an effort to revive the community spirit among Softimage users, Escape Studios was asked to help set up an independent user group. Through Escape Studios Ellen is assisting the group with the logistical coordination for Softimage Creatives.

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Dave Throssell

Dave started creating visual effects at the Moving Picture Company in 1983 where he was head of their new CGI department. After a career spanning Rushes, The Bureau and his own company in New York, he moved to The Mill in 1991 where he ran the CGI department. In 2006, along with Adrian Wyer, he founded Fluid Pictures. Dave has used XSI for precisely one week and feels a fraud amongst such talented users such as these. He has however employed hundreds, and has shared their software joys and sorrows almost like he cares…

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Adrian Wyer

Adrian Wyer is co-owner of Fluid Pictures along with Dave Throssell. He has been using Softimage since 1996, at first in the games industry, and later at various post companies, including AMGfx, the Hive, The Mill and finally Fluid. He prides himself on being able to bluff his way through most ICE setups, and being able to get ’90 percent of the way there, in 10 percent of the time’, leaving 90 percent of the time for drinking!

A keen photographer he can usually be found behind one kind of glass, or another….

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