Softimage Development Survey (Part 1)

What are the top 5 things that you would add, fix, or change in Softimage?

This survey was designed to gather opinion across the community about where future Softimage development should be focussed. In conjunction with Autodesk, this will help us put together a final survey where we can ask you specific questions about each area of development.

For more information about how this survey was carried out and analysed, please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


Q. How were my responses assigned to the categories in the chart?
A. Each response was given a number of keywords based on the area discussed. The assignment would contain both specific keywords  (e.g. ICE Modelling) and generic keywords (e.g. ICE) to make sure that trends could be identified.

Q. How were the the responses weighted?
A. If an answer was given as the first response, then it was assigned  a weighting of 5, the second response was weighted as 4, all the way down to the last response with a weighting of 1.

Q. What is the best way to read and analyse the chart?
A. As you would expect, most of the top categories cover large areas of Softimage, e.g. ICE, Rendering, etc. As you go down the chart, categories get more and more specific. By comparing the positions of categories of similar scope you can get a good idea of the priorities.

Q. What does “Linear Weighting” mean at the top of the chart?
A. See FAQ 2, but it basically means that we used a linear weighting scheme (5,4,3,2,1) to grade importance instead of a squared weighting scheme (25,16,9,4,1).

Q. I wrote quite a lot of feedback in the survey, will Autodesk see what I wrote?
A. Yes. We will be supplying them the raw data that we collected, while making sure it remains anonymous.

Q. Why is this only part 1?
A. This survey is designed as a preliminary consultation. We’re going to use the information collected to help us design another survey with more specific questions. It will allow us to analyse responses using more statistically valid methods.