Drinks Event: July 2012

Continuing on the back of the success of the event in May, this was the first of our informal drinks evenings. Despite the  prospect of spending an evening in a stuffy room during the hot weather, we got a good turn out with a strong presence from members of Fluid Pictures, Lola Post, and The Mill.


The intention of this meeting was to consult with users to see how opinion was spread across the community on how Softimage should be developed for the next release. Having turned into a somewhat lively evening (not surprising considering how thirsty people were), we all got a bit distracted and by the end of the night we only got a total of three feedback forms completed! It wasn’t an issue though as we got plenty of promises to fill in the online version of the form. True to their word we’ve had an excellent response with well over 50 responses so far. Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to provide feedback.


We’ll be posting the results of the survey soon, after which we’ll be presenting the information to Autodesk. After discussions with them we will design a detailed survey to send out to the community and this will be the final stage of feedback that we provide to Autodesk on your behalf.

Couldn’t make it this time? Don’t worry! We’ll be having another drinks catch up in a couple of months. In the mean time, check out the other photos on Facebook.